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So, this was supposed to be an "every day" kind of thing.
I've slacked off, what can I say- but I really need to keep at this.

Today was a good day. A good, good day. I woke up early and Played Mario64 on DS a bit, then got my haircut and hung out with some friends. Then I went home, played a bit more DS and messaged a friend. The friend and I got food at a REALLY good Indian place and I gave her something I was supposed to awhile ago. I got something too. Unexpected but in a really awesome kind of way. Good company, good food, and just a generlly good time with someone I hadn't seen in awhile. Got a couple of other errands out of the way between some of that stuff. That could've gone better. Old Navy wouldn't let me exchange clothes the wrong size that they sent me from an online store order. But oh well. And I picked up cases for DS games at Best Buy since i just bought a few games about a week ago.

After the Indian food I went home figuring the night was over but Erik called me demanding I go to Karaoke night @ a pretty cool bar in Valpo called The Franklin House (I guess way WAY back Ben-fucking-Franklin liked the place. No seriously). I got a ticket on Rt. 49 on the way there. JOY. But the court date isn't until mid-January so I think I'll go to court and hope for the best. But we got to the bar without any other distractions save for a train blockage. We drank and joked and Sa spilled beer everywhere in an attempt to make a joke. But that's how she rolls. I argued with Brian about Grossman/Griese and lamented with Katie about the lack of cloves. Jeremy is finally working again which is awesome.

After drinking I drove (I didn't drink much) myself, Erik and his friend Phil to Jimmy John's. Much merriment was had. A drunk chick came in while we were eating and stumbled into the counter.

The day wasn't spectacular or anything, but just very, very good from start to finish. Even the ticket didn't sully things. I haven't felt this well since June, but I'm glad I'm here.


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