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still here.

It was 6 months ago I said I'd keep writing in this thing. Oops again.

Regardless, I've been feeling pretty great for the past month or so. No particular reason why. I still have a crappy job and am broke beyond repair, but I'm feeling good.

For the past few months I'd been spending a lot of time at the bar (ok not A LOT but twice a week or so). That was fine, and I had fun but it's starting to wear on me. So the past few weeks I've just been staying in, reading or watching tv by myself.
I've always been a person who enjoyed solitude, so the alone time is pretty nice. I spent awhile after getting dumped last year feeling very lonely, which was a very new feeling for me. Then I moved early this year, and with two roommates plus whoever else was hanging out at my place PLUS going to the bar and other parties a lot, it was kinda tough to feel lonely.

But lately, one of my rommates, Erik, has been spending all of his time at his new gf's and the parties have died down, so that's what brings me back to so much solitary time. And I gotta say, I forgot how much I enjoy being alone.

I have a big room now, so that makes it all the better.

I'm trying to get a new job, and hopefully some of my connections will come through to help me get in.

That would help with being consistently broke, which has prevented me from affording tickets to Lollapalooza, which sucks because MAN do I want to go. The National alone is a reason to go, but throw in MGMT, Broken Social Scene, Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's... not to mention Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead...


In other news, I've seen quite a few movies recently.....

WALL-E - This movie amazed me The main character convey so much with so little. It's about 1 step away from being a silent movie. Very funny and amazing visuals.  I honestly think this might be one of the greatest love stories of the decade. (Then again, I'm not sure that's even saying a lot)

HELLBOY II: The Golden Army - This movie was awesome. Aside from a few scenes in the first 15 minutes that BLATANTLY rip off Men in Black (ugh.), I really have no complaints. The action was astounding and The Golden Army looked great. I'm so glad these movies get made, as they are very very very un-Hollywood. But that's actually a good thing. We should all be thanking Mike Mignola. So fun. And Guillermo Del Toro deserves major MAJOR respect. I know these aren't the kinds of movies to get critical acclaim, but he's so good at what he does. Neither these movies nor Pan's Labyrinth are the type of film to have a huge budget, yet he takes what he's given and goes above and beyond. It's fucking AWESOME that he's directing The Hobbit. I'm interested to see how much he changes the look of Middle-Earth, since he definitely has his own style. Anyone who's seen Pan's Labyrinth can see that style in Hellboy as well.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK - First off, let's get this out of the way: Edward Norton is at the top of my version of the list that every guy has, whether they admit it or not. That list can best be described with the phrase "I'm not gay, but if I were......" So having Norton play Banner was BAD-FREAKIN'-ASS. The Hulk himself looked AMAZING and Tim Roth's role wasn't nearly as corny as I was expecting. Liv Tyler didn't really ruin anything either. Well done movie.
I actually am one of the seven people who didn't hate the last one, but this was definitely BETTER.

IRON MAN - This movie hit Iron Man ON THE FUCKING HEAD. You could not have POSSIBLY cast anyone better that Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark. I loved that they managed to get the original grey suit in the movie and the modern suit looking awe-inspiring on the big screen. Just amazing. The villian was kindof disappointing, but that was made up for with the post-credits scene. Ultimates anyone?

and if those three comic book movies weren't enough...

THE DARK KNIGHT - Let me start by saying I had BIG expectations for this movie. BIG. Not only was I a fan of Batman Begins, but I was hyped about this movie because I am of the opinion that in the original Batman, Jack Nicholson was a fucking terrible AWFUL Joker. I've gotten into DOZENS of arguments about this subject and it always gets heated, but I don't care. HE SUCKED. He wasn't even playing the Joker, he was playing Jack Nicholson PLAYING the Joker... BADLY.
In any case, from the previews I was expecting/hoping that Ledger got it right, and that I would be vindicated for the past few years of claiming how the Joker SHOULD be played.

and WOW. Was I not fucking disappointed. HOLY SHIT. It's so So SOOOO sad that Ledger died, preventing him from reprising the role because he was fucking immaculate and PERFECT. shivers. Seriously: SHIVERS. Fucking amazing.

Also, I was not expecting a lot of Two-Face but wowowowowowowow. I figured he'd show his face in the final scene, to neatly segue into the next sequel.  But he got the full treatment. Aaron Eckart was 50 times better than the silly-ass TLJ version and they put enough effort into the plot that his story and motivations actually made sense. truly awesome.

The most amazing thing about the film is that it didn't even SEEM like a superhero movie. It seemed like a very well written crime drama/heist movie. It was presented realistically. It wasn't cheesy or goofy at ANY point. They made you BELIEVE a crazy shit like the Joker could pull this off.

I wasn't expecting 2 hours and 40 minutes of basic perfection (shot primarily in Chicago, no less), so despite my very VERY high expectations, those expectations were all blown out of the fucking water.

It was the best superhero/comic movie ever, if not outright one of the best movies I've ever seen.

2008. Best Film and Best supporting actor. Book it.


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