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still here.

It was 6 months ago I said I'd keep writing in this thing. Oops again.

Regardless, I've been feeling pretty great for the past month or so. No particular reason why. I still have a crappy job and am broke beyond repair, but I'm feeling good.

For the past few months I'd been spending a lot of time at the bar (ok not A LOT but twice a week or so). That was fine, and I had fun but it's starting to wear on me. So the past few weeks I've just been staying in, reading or watching tv by myself.
I've always been a person who enjoyed solitude, so the alone time is pretty nice. I spent awhile after getting dumped last year feeling very lonely, which was a very new feeling for me. Then I moved early this year, and with two roommates plus whoever else was hanging out at my place PLUS going to the bar and other parties a lot, it was kinda tough to feel lonely.

But lately, one of my rommates, Erik, has been spending all of his time at his new gf's and the parties have died down, so that's what brings me back to so much solitary time. And I gotta say, I forgot how much I enjoy being alone.

I have a big room now, so that makes it all the better.

I'm trying to get a new job, and hopefully some of my connections will come through to help me get in.

That would help with being consistently broke, which has prevented me from affording tickets to Lollapalooza, which sucks because MAN do I want to go. The National alone is a reason to go, but throw in MGMT, Broken Social Scene, Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's... not to mention Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead...


In other news, I've seen quite a few movies recently.....

WALL-E - This movie amazed me The main character convey so much with so little. It's about 1 step away from being a silent movie. Very funny and amazing visuals.  I honestly think this might be one of the greatest love stories of the decade. (Then again, I'm not sure that's even saying a lot)

HELLBOY II: The Golden Army - This movie was awesome. Aside from a few scenes in the first 15 minutes that BLATANTLY rip off Men in Black (ugh.), I really have no complaints. The action was astounding and The Golden Army looked great. I'm so glad these movies get made, as they are very very very un-Hollywood. But that's actually a good thing. We should all be thanking Mike Mignola. So fun. And Guillermo Del Toro deserves major MAJOR respect. I know these aren't the kinds of movies to get critical acclaim, but he's so good at what he does. Neither these movies nor Pan's Labyrinth are the type of film to have a huge budget, yet he takes what he's given and goes above and beyond. It's fucking AWESOME that he's directing The Hobbit. I'm interested to see how much he changes the look of Middle-Earth, since he definitely has his own style. Anyone who's seen Pan's Labyrinth can see that style in Hellboy as well.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK - First off, let's get this out of the way: Edward Norton is at the top of my version of the list that every guy has, whether they admit it or not. That list can best be described with the phrase "I'm not gay, but if I were......" So having Norton play Banner was BAD-FREAKIN'-ASS. The Hulk himself looked AMAZING and Tim Roth's role wasn't nearly as corny as I was expecting. Liv Tyler didn't really ruin anything either. Well done movie.
I actually am one of the seven people who didn't hate the last one, but this was definitely BETTER.

IRON MAN - This movie hit Iron Man ON THE FUCKING HEAD. You could not have POSSIBLY cast anyone better that Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark. I loved that they managed to get the original grey suit in the movie and the modern suit looking awe-inspiring on the big screen. Just amazing. The villian was kindof disappointing, but that was made up for with the post-credits scene. Ultimates anyone?

and if those three comic book movies weren't enough...

THE DARK KNIGHT - Let me start by saying I had BIG expectations for this movie. BIG. Not only was I a fan of Batman Begins, but I was hyped about this movie because I am of the opinion that in the original Batman, Jack Nicholson was a fucking terrible AWFUL Joker. I've gotten into DOZENS of arguments about this subject and it always gets heated, but I don't care. HE SUCKED. He wasn't even playing the Joker, he was playing Jack Nicholson PLAYING the Joker... BADLY.
In any case, from the previews I was expecting/hoping that Ledger got it right, and that I would be vindicated for the past few years of claiming how the Joker SHOULD be played.

and WOW. Was I not fucking disappointed. HOLY SHIT. It's so So SOOOO sad that Ledger died, preventing him from reprising the role because he was fucking immaculate and PERFECT. shivers. Seriously: SHIVERS. Fucking amazing.

Also, I was not expecting a lot of Two-Face but wowowowowowowow. I figured he'd show his face in the final scene, to neatly segue into the next sequel.  But he got the full treatment. Aaron Eckart was 50 times better than the silly-ass TLJ version and they put enough effort into the plot that his story and motivations actually made sense. truly awesome.

The most amazing thing about the film is that it didn't even SEEM like a superhero movie. It seemed like a very well written crime drama/heist movie. It was presented realistically. It wasn't cheesy or goofy at ANY point. They made you BELIEVE a crazy shit like the Joker could pull this off.

I wasn't expecting 2 hours and 40 minutes of basic perfection (shot primarily in Chicago, no less), so despite my very VERY high expectations, those expectations were all blown out of the fucking water.

It was the best superhero/comic movie ever, if not outright one of the best movies I've ever seen.

2008. Best Film and Best supporting actor. Book it.


I feel like shit so I'm going to put videos up here that make me smile.

the fuckers at youtube won't let me embed this one but it's one of the funniest things ever:


and if you don't laugh at this one, you're not human:

He's just so freakin' stupid looking. His pants are up to his chest and he has the WHITEST dance fucking EVER, yet his voice is rather... well, Black.
((addendum)) I found this hilarious before this "rick roll" shit happened so ...yeah.

I hate the Patriots.

I've been remarkably uninterested in this year's playoffs, but I hope Osi Umenoira takes out Tom Brady's knees and the hoky asshole never takes another snap.
I don't post here as often as I said I would but I'll say again that I need to write at least 2-3 times a week. Let's see if I do it this time.

What a shitty, shitty, shitty day. Work was a bitch and a half. I'll not bother with details here because no one is interested in the banal adventures of a toy cop. But FUCK was it busy and man was it shitty.

It wasn't bothering me though, because there was a silver lining... or so I thought.

I spent the morning signing a lease for a new apartment. My two roommates were supposed to sign & pay later that day. The one did so, the other didn't. It's not really his fault though. For once, I'm actually the one that needed some help monetarily. See I couldn't swing it this week because of the last time someone I knew needed help with money and I lent it. I'm usually the one bailing people out. This friend has owed me money for awhile now, and I've asked for it several times. I don't want to be pushy, because he's my friend. But I guess he figures, "fuck him."

So the 2nd roommate was supposed to get my 1/3 from his mom and I'd owe her a big favor (after I paid it back, obviously). He couldn't meet up with his mom in time, though. SO our plans to move tomorr... err, TODAY, Sunday, are officially fucked.


there goes the fucking silver lining.

I cannot for the life of me remember when the last time was that I had a WIN. y'know something you can pump your fist at and cheer about.

fucking fuck.

Of Love and Ditka

(by popular demand...)

My brother informed me on Wednesday (11/28) that on Friday Mike Ditka would be signing autographs at the Schererville Strack & Van Til. Mike fucking Ditka. "Iron" Mike. The man who led The Greatest Team in NFL history, the '85 Chicago Bears to a SuperBowl victory. The man who responded to his defensive coordinator's lack of cooperation by beating the shit out of his at halftime. The man that inspired "Da Superfans" SNL skit. The only man for whom I can overlook being a super-rightwing conservative. THE COACH.

The aforementioned supermarket is less than a halfmile from my brother's place so he was understandably excited. I, however, was scheduled to work Friday- which would seriously interfere with my government approved USDA serving of Ditka. I finagled my way into switching with a coworker to get the day off. I'd have to work a double-shift on a monday but that's a small price to pay for Ditka, obviously.

We arrived to a signing that wasn't scheduled to start until 6:30 at about 5:30. As we pulled into the lot we realized the car in front of us was a limo. "You think it's him?" My brother asked. "WHO THE FUCK ELSE ARRIVES AT A GROCERY STORE IN SCHERERVILLE FUCKING INDIANA IN A LIMO!?!?!?! I, uhh, calmly stated as we both observed that the limo had Illinios license plates. I quickly scrambled for my camera and snapped a couple shots of the Ditka-mobile. We quickly grabbed a parking spot and RAN to the line that was now exiting the store. In fact we were standing JUST outside of the entrance, but that wasn't really that bad since the line was building quickly to FAR out of the store. As we ran by the limo en route to the entrance Derek noted "DUDE, I smell cigar smoke!"

Derek's wife may be odd to say the least but she did get him a SuperBowl XX GAME BALL for Xmas last year; this is possibly the greatest wife-to-husband giftin human history. He had originally planned on bringing the ball for Ditka to sign and a SuperBowl XX pennant that he'd let me have so I could have a Ditka-signed item as well. However he thought that he read that Ditka would not be signing personal items. When we arrived, the people in front of us in line informed us that he would indeed sign personal items as long as you bought a bottle of wine (He was promoting said wine, hence the store appearance. You had to buy a bottle to meethim). Upon hearing he'll sign personal items, I looked at Derek and just said "Game ball. Pennent. I'll save our spot. GO!" And off Derek ran to get home & back as quickly as possible.

Luckily when he got back no one made a big deal about him passing the 300 feet on line that had by that time gathered behind us to join me in line. We joked with the people around us about the Bears and Ditka often in my best "Superfan" voice: "Most Pee-pil don't e'en ree-ilize Dat Ditka stomps da graaps 'imself, af-der dey been grown from un-der da grass at DA on'n'only Soldier field! Af-der dey been blessd by R-lach-er, of Course!" was one from me that seemed to get a lot of laughs.

The signing was supposed to end at 8:30and at 8:20 we were only behind about 5 people in he main line. At the end of the main line is where you bought your wine and got sent to the line to get your wine and whatever else signed. The Ditka line was very small and in an enclosed area (at least relatively speaking). They kept the Ditka line small because they only allowed you in after you got through the main line and bought your wine, and limited people from buying their wine as well. Usually once people got to the front of the main line they'd make them wait until there was enough space in the next room, where Ditka was in, then let them through to the registers for wine buying once there was enough space. At this point, with only about 5 people ahead of us I could hear the two guys who limited the main line talking, and they were not pleased. They were talking about how someone should have cut-off the line a long time ago and that someone needs to cut it down to the last section RIGT NOW. They knew people were going to be pissed. And rightly so, because the line was now hundreds of feet long behind us, still apparently extending out of the store, and it was a cold day. The whole staff dealing with this was nervous and tense at this point. They let three more people through, leaving only two in front of us. A couple minutes later they let those two through and now Derek and myself were up front. But the staff seemed to be getting more tense by the second and talk of cutting the line off had increased to the point that we were getting nervous that they might cut if off right there and we would be the first ones of a long line of people that got fucked out of an afternoon.
The stressed staff member in charge of the front of the line finally said "okay, two more, quick," and pretty much PUSHED us through. Derek went up to the register first after grabbing a nine-dolar bottle of "Da Coach's Merlot" and the lasy smiled and asked Derek if he was 21. He informed her he was days away from 27 as he showed his I.D. "Oh fuck," I thought as I realized that I left my wallet at home, which i never, ever, fucking ever do. She asked me if I was 21 and I swore to her I was 24 as I handed her my money. She quickly handed me my receipt and change and siad "I'll trust you, just hurry!" as she gave a nervous look at both lines. It was clear they were mere seconds from shutting the line down and she was hurrying through everyone she could to try to help out as many as possible. How nice of her. After making it into the Ditka line, there wasn't anybody joining the line behind us for awhile. After awhile 3 or 4 more joined in and then no more. And I don't mean no more for awhile I mean NO MORE. they cut the line just a few people after My brother and myself. Un-fucking-believable. If we had shown up a minute later we'd have been shit out of luck.

On the other side of a table we were standing next to that was being used as a lane-divider we realized was Ditka's wife. The two ladies in front of us asked her if she would sign their wine too. She kindly obliged as she said "Oh, you're gonna piss him off." Everyone in the immediate vicinity laughed.

They had an empty chair sitting next to Ditka so you could sit down and get a picture with him after he signed your items. Derek stepped up first when we finally got up to him and put down his game ball and wine, then sat down next to him. I had my camera at the ready and focused, waiting for Ditka to look up from signing more items. Ditka looked up, gave a half-hearted but distinctly Ditka-esque smile and I snapped it. Perfect. I set down my pennant and wine, passed my camera to Derek and took a seat. Ditka looked up a second later and I watched as my brother, trembling, put his finger PAST the picture-taking button and right onto the power button. Ditka whispered in my ear, "I think he's turning it off." He no sooner finished saying this than the lens on my month-old Sony zipped back into the casing and the lens cover shut. "I think you pressed the wrong button!" Ditka barked to my brother in commanding but not assholish tone. "Fuck," Derek said desperately as his face went flush. I quickly stood up, hit the power button, pointed to the right button, and quickly sat down again. Ditka leaned over and I watched as my brother trembled and took the most shaky-handed picture I'd ever observed. I doubted it would come out but stood up and said "Thanks Coach!" as we gathered our stuff and and walked out. I checked the pictures as we walked to the lot. Derek's came out well and mine... not so much. I'm not mad though. It gives me a great story to tell and it is still distinguihable enough to tell who is in the picture.

Mike Fucking Ditka.

reaching the surface, gasping for air

(damn I'm lazy. still not keeping up on the whole everyday thing, though maybe it'd better to just write when I've something to say. In any case i've been meanin to write this entry for 2-3 weeks now. better late than never?)

I've been feeling pretty good lately. On an everyday basis, that is. Sure work sucks, but what's new? Aside from that, the world is seeming sane again.
I got my ass good and kicked about 5 months ago now. I was battered and bruised pretty bad for about 3 months and at about 4 months I started to notice not feeling like complete shit on a hourly basis anymore. Now at % I'm pretty damned OK.

I hope this trend continues. I really really need a fucking UPSWING again. My life tends to go towards dramatic ups and downs. Five months of "down" is enough, I hope. I just hope that the karmic scales don't go for perfect symmetry when seeking cosmic balance. I had about 10 months of some pretty serious upswing before I stepped onto a karmic landmine back in June.

Looking back to last September, things went amazing. The Bears '06 season started with a bang and just kept on going, resulting in a fucking MAGICAL season. ( sure it didn't have the perfect ending, but wow was it fun to watch). Also, I had a whole semester of school that went REALLY well. I had just moved in with my brother and sister-in-law when the semester started so I was out of that hellhole apartment. The Bears season carried me into February and right about the time that was going away, the whole experience with.... HER had started. That was fantastic enough to carry me through several more months.

Really the only BAD thing that happened from September '06 to mid-June '07 was that eight months after moving IN with my brother and sister-in-law, I was swiftly kicked out in that wonderful "get out or we'll throw your shit in the dumpster while you're at work manner." Because, y'know... family is IMPORTANT. But that's okay. My sister-in-law is batshit insane; Rachel Ray probably told her to do it. I digress.
In any case, even THAT wasn't all bad. In fact it was a blessing in disguise.

My roommate is really cool, and we're pretty good friends now. His sister is also completely awesome. She's the younger sibling I never got to beat up on. We fight accordingly. I'd win more often, but she cheats (oh, that right. I said it. I'll say it again: CHEATS!) And her boyfriend is really cool as well (despite the fact that he seems to be of the terribly misguided opinion that I'm, apparently, asian).
Furthermore, my roommate's whole group of friends are people I get along surprisingly well with, despite my antisocial tendencies. La, Sa, Ta, and }:-(!) are all totally cool (in a completely out of control kind of way. So, yeah. Crazy in-laws aside, getting kicked out was the best thing that could've happened. That's how awesome sept-thru-june was, even the WORST thing to happen turned out great.

Things STARTED going bad in early June but I didn't catch on because other things were going really well and it just sorta creeped up on me. Then came the karmic pile-driver. The emotional equivalent to what happened to Joe Pesci's character at the end of Casino. Only instead of burying him, they wail on him until he passes out, wake him up with smelling salts, repeat that process four more times, douse him in gasoline, set him on fire, then piss on the fiery mess. (I hope I'm making clear JUST how much June sucked). It's been long enough that the details are fuzzy aside from the fact that i slept a cumulative of about 8 hours in the last 1/3 of June. (sure A LOT of it was MY fault, but there was still some really fucked-up, unfair shit that went down that to this very day I understand very little of what happened and still think there's a lot that I was either never told or flat-out lied to about. Regardless, I have to take fault).

If June wasn't bad enough, it was all downhill from there. Yes there were a few good times, but even those where generally followed by a gut-punch and kick in the jewels. But whatever. Fuck it.

The point is that I finally feel like I'm about the reach the surface after several months of drowning in bullshit, and take a nice big gasp. I just hope it's not an illusion or apparition. 10 months of good, 5 months of bad... that evens out, right? I certainly fucking hope so.

Here's to mornings worth waking up to.


So, this was supposed to be an "every day" kind of thing.
I've slacked off, what can I say- but I really need to keep at this.

Today was a good day. A good, good day. I woke up early and Played Mario64 on DS a bit, then got my haircut and hung out with some friends. Then I went home, played a bit more DS and messaged a friend. The friend and I got food at a REALLY good Indian place and I gave her something I was supposed to awhile ago. I got something too. Unexpected but in a really awesome kind of way. Good company, good food, and just a generlly good time with someone I hadn't seen in awhile. Got a couple of other errands out of the way between some of that stuff. That could've gone better. Old Navy wouldn't let me exchange clothes the wrong size that they sent me from an online store order. But oh well. And I picked up cases for DS games at Best Buy since i just bought a few games about a week ago.

After the Indian food I went home figuring the night was over but Erik called me demanding I go to Karaoke night @ a pretty cool bar in Valpo called The Franklin House (I guess way WAY back Ben-fucking-Franklin liked the place. No seriously). I got a ticket on Rt. 49 on the way there. JOY. But the court date isn't until mid-January so I think I'll go to court and hope for the best. But we got to the bar without any other distractions save for a train blockage. We drank and joked and Sa spilled beer everywhere in an attempt to make a joke. But that's how she rolls. I argued with Brian about Grossman/Griese and lamented with Katie about the lack of cloves. Jeremy is finally working again which is awesome.

After drinking I drove (I didn't drink much) myself, Erik and his friend Phil to Jimmy John's. Much merriment was had. A drunk chick came in while we were eating and stumbled into the counter.

The day wasn't spectacular or anything, but just very, very good from start to finish. Even the ticket didn't sully things. I haven't felt this well since June, but I'm glad I'm here.


M.I.A.: Fucking addictive.

Though I take pride in my fairly wide range of taste in music (Classic Rock, Folk, Metal, Punk, POST-PUNK!, Ska, Downtempo, alternative, grunge, industrial) the fact is most are categorically still just rock.

I find few exceptions in genres like Country & Rap/Hip-Hop.

But there are certainly exceptions. Country has Johnny Cash. I mean c'mon. LISTEN to "Ring of Fire" and tell me that isn't awesome. You fucking can't. Rap has OutKast. They're just too unique not to like. I guess I can count Matisyahu as Hip-Hop as well, despite being more of reggae. But he's awesome on all different levels.

But I can add MIA to the list of odd-artists-out on my playlist now.

I fucking can't stop listening to "Paper Planes". Plus look at that top picture. Thats Hot. Seriously.



I think I'm obligated to do this, despite my pathetically short friend list. I'm working on it, though. So I'll just have to work this back in sometime in the future... or something.

okay, my first meme on lj

This is how this works:

1. Leave a comment to this entry saying you want 5.
2. I'll ask you five questions in response, so that I'll get to know you better.
3. Answer my questions at your personal LJ.
4. Keep the thing going by explaining the rules, asking and answering.

five questions for me:

1.) The simple thing - what's your name and where you from?

Jamie Giffin. But I'm growing to dislike my name more and more. I'm in the process of getting all of my friends to call me "James" or "J.D." (which really is my middle initial and I like it because of the links to both Salinger and the protagonist of "Scrubs")
Also, calling me "James" is just as legitimate as "JD" since I went to 9 years of Catholic school, and when I went through the sacrament of confirmation, I had to choose a Confirmation Name. I chose "James to spite my parents. so my Full name is Jamie Donald James Giffin.

I'm from Crown Point, IN. Notable for being the town where John Dillinger was imprisoned and was able to escape with a freakin' bar of soap. Also, If I'm not mistaken, Ronald Reagan was married at the Courthouse in the center of town. I guess back then C.P. was some sort of marriage haven. In any case, we're proud of neither.

2.) If you could suddenly find out that one work of fiction was actually true, what book would you select?

God, that's a tough one. A lot of good fiction would really have no impact on the real world. I mean who gives a shit if Holden Caulfield was a "real boy"? And if Frankenstein's monster was a real boy, that would probably be a bad thing.

I'm going to go with "the Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. There are only a couple things in my life I regret, but boy-o would I like to go back and change them.

Also, the lj friend that asked me these friends is a comic-book fan, so I think this was just a trick question to see if I would geek-out and go off into some long diatribe about how I'd like to be put into the Weapon-X program to get adamantium laced to my skeletal structure and three razor-sharp claws implanted into my ha... ... ... oh dear. Now you've gone and done it. ... I'm sticking with "The Time Machine," though. Wolverine be damned.

3.) What sort of gestures of friendship mean the most to you? (i.e. emailing to say "hey", a phone call to do the same, buying you lunch, helping you hide the body, etc.)

It's not required very often, but just hanging out and doing nothing when I'm in a crappy mood always seems like a good "friend" thing.

4.) I see that you're an English major. What's your biggest pet peeve as far as something other people say incorrectly? (i.e. one particular word, bad grammar, etc.)

Other people "say"? Recently the prevalence of "addicting" has bothered me. The word is "addictive".

But what really bothers me is more of a written thing. If I see someone mix-up there, their, or they're, or if they can't discern your from you're, I flip. Every time I see it I want to tear my hair out and scream.

5.) Put together the ultimate 5 piece band with any musician, alive or dead, that you'd like to see. (singer, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums) I'll also give you a piano/keyboard/organ player if you wish to use that one. No more than 6.

I'll go from easiest choice to toughest.

Drums: Keith Moon - The Who. No contest. The guy is insane and has a five-bajillion piece drum set. It's not human.
Bass: Roger Waters - Pink Floyd. I'm sorry, but Syd Barrett is an asshole. Waters is hands down the most influential part of arguably the greatest classic-rock band ever. Guys like John Entwhistle of The Who or Paul McCartney of The Beatles probably get more nods on "greatest bassists" lists, but this isn't about a bass-off. It's about forming a turbo-ultimate-behemoth band. fyi: John Entwhistle of The Who is a close second.
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Clapton. I don't know if there is really such a thing as a legendary rhythm guitarist, so I'm just going with the two (in my eyes) greatest guitarists ever.
Lead Guitar: Bob Dylan. I've chosen Clapton and Dylan because, frankly, I think there's more to guitar than being a virtuoso. Sure Hendrix could do some wild shit with his axe but he's really not much of a song-WRITER. Dylan and Clapton may have had simpler songs but they played that shit with every ounce of their heart and soul
Vox: Morrissey. This was a tough one but Moz is the only guy I can think of whose vocals STAND OUT so freakin' much. And Morrissey singing in front of the aforementioned gives me funny feelings that defy heterosexuality.  Roger Daltrey came DAMN CLOSE to taking this. the guy can really wail to a point that makes you shudder. John Lennon was close because he's John-fucking-Lennon. Similar to Dylan in the aspect that his vox weren't necessarily the most technically amazing thing in the world but he put enough emotion into his songs to make the manliest man want to cry. Freddy Mercury and David Bowie came damn close too. Probably the only guys who can challenge Morrissey for pure noticability (I'm pretty sure that is not a word). and Jeff Buckley is another honorable-mention who, like Lennon sings with immense. emotion

Wildcard: Rob Kleiner - Tubring on Keyboards. A local Avant-Garde punk band with a crazy keyboardist. He launches off of his keyboard stand at shows and comes down pounding the keys. Often ends up bleeeding. He'd probably crumble next to the big boys, though.
(and I know this is cheating) The cast of Arcade Fire. There's like 12 of them and they're all amazing. If one was to add stings and brass to the above band, the Arcade Fire is the only way to go. Can't I just count AF's ensemble as jus 1 person so I don't go over my 6?

And for extra credit:

6.) Who'd win in a fight, Ditka or God?

HA! Trick question! Ditka IS God!


Chicago Sports

For being such a nerdy, geeky type I also Like sports,. I guess I'm a well-rounded geek. And Chicago Sports are fascinating this year.

Chicago Bears: Oh god, WHY? Why, why, why!?!?!?! I hate Ron Turner so much. Ron and his worthless brother both suck beyond comprehension. Our Offense isn't good enough to take advantage of having Greg Olsen( The greatest white rapper of this or any other generation). Benson can't run behind and AWFUL line, and Rex couldn't throw behind it. And even if he could, the receivers can't catch. Fuck Brian Griese (see below).

We love you, Devin.

And on the upside, last season was amazing. Even with the SB41 loss, it had so many great moments. Truly amazing, and I'm so glad it was as good as it was. During the baseball playoffs, i heard am radio DJ's saying "enjoy the ride," and the Bears 06 season was one hell of a ride.

Chicago Cubs: bottom line is it took awhile for this team to adjust to Loy Pinella and it took Lou awhile to adjust the team to how he wanted them. Now we've got a full year under Lou. We should have a new owner soon, that (hopefully) will care about the team. Last offseason was the first productive one we've had in a looong time, and if we can make  it two consecutive offseasons of productive team improvement, I see no reason we can't make a run at 90+ wins and a World Series berth next year. How fucking poetic will it be to win it all at exactly the 100 year mark? Book it.

Chicago White Sox: Who gives a flying fuck about the sox? No one with teeth, that's who.

Chicago Bulls: Joakim Noah is one annoying bastard but he plays hard at Center/Forward and is a leader as well. We have Arron Gray as a big guy as well, and the addition of Joe Smith doesn't hurt either. Who have a roster LOADED with good, coachable talent. This team does NOT need to trade for Kobe fucking Bryant. Hell NO. They just need their guys to step up, and play like a team. We already had a dynasty led by legends, now we can win some championships like the pistons did a couple years back: "good" players, playing like a team, and beating the superstars in the process.

Chicago Blackhawks: I'm not even a big hockey fan, but we've got a couple of hotshot rookies. Patrick Kane is 165 freakin' pounds. That is amazing that hockey plays can be that little. He just might be the next Gretzky. Let's hope.